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Re: [libvirt] bug: network lock-out

On 10/07/2010 09:56 AM, Zdenek Styblik wrote:
> On 10/06/2010 05:23 PM, Laine Stump wrote:
>>  On 10/05/2010 03:53 PM, Zdenek Styblik wrote:
>>> I've removed dnsmasq because it was giving away IP addresses, although
>>> DHCP has not been defined in XML. I've mentioned this some time ago in
>>> an e-mail with poetic subj: "dnsmasq, dhcp - bug or feature" :)
>> I tried changing my default network to remove the <dhcp> section,
>> restarted the network, and rebooted a guest to try and acquire an
>> address from DHCP - it failed. Can you do "ps -AlF | grep dnsmasq" at a
>> time when you see this behavior, and send that. Perhaps there was
>> another dnsmasq hanging around listening on that interface? (I think
>> it's possible that dnsmasq sometimes isn't terminated if libvirtd crashes)
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> Hanging dnsmasq was either the case or it has been fixed in 0.8.4. I
> sometimes suspect dnsmasq doesn't get restarted at all, although
> libvirtd/network does.
> Another "workaround" seems to be eg. range;
> at interface; leases This is
> from ISC DHCPd where you have to provide leases for pool with static
> (IP:MAC) hosts.
> Thanks,
> Zdenek

I forgot to say it was connected to virt-manager, thus it might have
been a virt-manager bug. I've verified most of this by hand and using
virsh, so-


Zdenek Styblik
Net/Linux admin
OS TurnovFree.net
email: stybla turnovfree net
jabber: stybla jabber turnovfree net

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