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Re: [libvirt] alignment of data fields when compiling with mingwin

´╗┐Hi Matthias,

I'm working on the virConnectOpenAuth method C# binding. And in fact, It partially work. Let me explain you :

I have defined the virConnectAuth struct by this binding :

   /// Structure to handle connection authentication
   public struct virConnectAuth
       /// <summary>
/// List of supported virConnectCredentialType values, should be a IntPtr to an int array or to a virConnectCredentialType array
       /// </summary>
       public IntPtr credtypes;
       /// Number of virConnectCredentialType in credtypes
       public uint ncredtype;
/// Callback used to collect credentials, a virConnectAuthCallback delegate in bindings
       public virConnectAuthCallback cb;
/// Data transported with callback, should be a IntPtr on what you want
       public IntPtr cbdata;

And I have defined the virConnectCredential struct by this binding :

   /// Credential structure
   public struct virConnectCredential
       /// One of virConnectCredentialType constants
       public virConnectCredentialType type;
       /// Prompt to show to user
       public string prompt;
       /// Additional challenge to show
       public string challenge;
       /// Optional default result
       public string defresult;
/// Result to be filled with user response (or defresult). An IntPtr to a marshalled allocated string
       public string result;
       /// Length of the result
       public uint resultlen;

Now, I have made a little code to connect to an esx hypervisor like this :

... some init stuff...

           // Define the virConnectAuth struct
           virConnectAuth auth = new virConnectAuth
               cbdata = authDataPtr,
               cb = AuthCallback,
               credtypes = credtypesPtr,
               ncredtype = (uint)credtypes.Length

IntPtr conn = libVirt.virConnectOpenAuth(tbURI.Text, ref auth, 0);

I have the call back method "AuthCallback" defined like this :

       private int AuthCallback(IntPtr creds, uint ncred, IntPtr cbdata)

AuthData authData = (AuthData) Marshal.PtrToStructure(cbdata, typeof (AuthData));
           int offset = 0;
           int credIndex = 0;

           while (credIndex < ncred)
               IntPtr currentCred = new IntPtr(creds.ToInt32() + offset);

virConnectCredential cred = (virConnectCredential) Marshal.PtrToStructure(currentCred, typeof (virConnectCredential));
               offset += Marshal.SizeOf(cred);
                   case virConnectCredentialType.VIR_CRED_AUTHNAME:
                       cred.result = authData.user_name;
                       cred.resultlen = (uint)authData.user_name.Length;
                   case virConnectCredentialType.VIR_CRED_PASSPHRASE:
                       cred.result = authData.password;
                       cred.resultlen = (uint) authData.password.Length;
                       return -1;
               Marshal.StructureToPtr(cred, currentCred, true);

           return 0;

When I test this code, all seems to work well, I mean the "AuthCallback" method is called twice, once for authname and once for passphrase.

But when I run my code in a debugger of Visual Studio I have these messages :

HEAP[Win32_virConnectOpenAuth.exe]: Invalid address specified to RtlFreeHeap( 00700000, 00EE6D78 ) HEAP[Win32_virConnectOpenAuth.exe]: Invalid address specified to RtlFreeHeap( 00700000, 00EE6A80 ) HEAP[Win32_virConnectOpenAuth.exe]: Invalid address specified to RtlFreeHeap( 00700000, 00EE6D78 ) HEAP[Win32_virConnectOpenAuth.exe]: Invalid address specified to RtlFreeHeap( 00700000, 00EE6A80 ) HEAP[Win32_virConnectOpenAuth.exe]: Invalid address specified to RtlFreeHeap( 00EE0000, 007DE480 )

but the connection is done, and I am able to list domains of the hypervisor for example. The real problem is that this program only work inside the the visual studio debugger, when I launch the executable without debugger, it fails. So I am searching why this doesn't work, I want to check the bindings. And I also want to try to fill the "result" member of the virConnectCredential structure directly to understanding what can be the problem.

Anyway, thanks ofr these informations, this can help.

Best regards,


From: "Matthias Bolte" <matthias bolte googlemail com>
Sent: Sunday, October 17, 2010 12:04 PM
To: <arnaud champion devatom fr>
Cc: <libvir-list redhat com>
Subject: Re: [libvirt] alignment of data fields when compiling with mingwin

2010/10/15  <arnaud champion devatom fr>:

I'm currently working on libvirt csharp bindings, and I have some trouble
with virConnectOpenAuth marshaling.
I need to know what is the alignment of data fields in structure when
compiling with mingwin.
Anyone know that ?


Arnaud Champion

Why do you need to know the alignment? Do you need to build or access
members of the virConnectCredential or virConnectAuth structs by
offset in memory?

The Wikipedia article about data structure alignment might be helpful
when you really need to care about alignment.

If you actually need the offset of the members in those structs you
can just use the offsetof macro and let the compiler tell you:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <libvirt/libvirt.h>

void main(void)
   printf("  type      %2u\n", offsetof(virConnectCredential, type));
   printf("  prompt    %2u\n", offsetof(virConnectCredential, prompt));
   printf("  challenge %2u\n", offsetof(virConnectCredential, challenge));
   printf("  defresult %2u\n", offsetof(virConnectCredential, defresult));
   printf("  result    %2u\n", offsetof(virConnectCredential, result));
   printf("  resultlen %2u\n", offsetof(virConnectCredential, resultlen));
   printf("  credtype  %2u\n", offsetof(virConnectAuth, credtype));
   printf("  ncredtype %2u\n", offsetof(virConnectAuth, ncredtype));
   printf("  cb        %2u\n", offsetof(virConnectAuth, cb));
   printf("  cbdata    %2u\n", offsetof(virConnectAuth, cbdata));

Output on x86:

 type       0
 prompt     4
 challenge  8
 defresult 12
 result    16
 resultlen 20

 credtype   0
 ncredtype  4
 cb         8
 cbdata    12

Output on x86_64:

 type       0
 prompt     8
 challenge 16
 defresult 24
 result    32
 resultlen 40

 credtype   0
 ncredtype  8
 cb        16
 cbdata    24

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_structure_alignment#Typical_alignment_of_C_structs_on_x86


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