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[libvirt] C# bindings (Was: First patch)

On Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 02:41:26PM +0200, arnaud champion devatom fr wrote:
> ?Hi,

  Hi Arnaud,

> this is my first patch import for libvirt C# bindings. Sorry I
> haven't been able to change the mime type for the patch (Windows
> Mail doesn't allow this it seems)

  Okay, I can't really test this, but I have a few comments:
   - Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs has comments in french, I could try to
     translate them, probably not urgent, and seems like directive on
     how to generate the binary for C#, so not very urgent
   - Since the COPYING.LIB in the current git is LGPLv2+ and since
     it's referenced, I assume that's the licence intended for this
   - in Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs I see references to Microsoft and
     especially "Copyright © Microsoft 2010" do we really want to do
     this ?
   - for each entry point I see
     public static extern ....
     I have 2 questions:
       - should the DllImport be factored in some ways or is that just
         a C# construct interpreted just at compile time
       - assuming we want to add Mono compatibility it seems the library
         would be named differently on a Linux system, is there a way
         to at least factor out the string of the library being imported
         (maybe in an initialization routine ?)

 Anyway, since the git tree was currently empty (except for Licence
files) I commited and pushed the patch (just cleaned up a few trailing
whitespaces). It's there now

 So the best from now on is to provide patches against git, I suggest to
use this list for further discussions and patches as we do for Java,

  thanks a lot !


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daniel veillard com  | Rpmfind RPM search engine http://rpmfind.net/
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