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Re: [libvirt] How to start a defined domain

----- "黄亮" <lancerhuang 163 com> wrote:

> I've create a domain called "vm01" using Virt-Manager, the GUI tool.
> Now I wanna use libvirt api to control the life cycle of vm01.
> It went on well with shutdown and reboot, but how to start it became a
> problem.
> I was intended to get the virDomainPtr by using virDomainLookupByName
> api, and then start it using virDomainCreate api.
> But it turns out that virDomainLookupByName api cannot return a
> virDomainPtr for a defined but not running domain.

no, it can :-)

If it really doesn't work for you, could you write a simple program to
reproduce it? and try to explain what's the version of libvirt you use,
on which distro, etc, any helpful info is welcomed. :-) 


- Osier

> That's my situation, what do you suggest I do now?
> Thanks in advance.
> 2010-10-26
> Lancer 
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