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Re: [libvirt] [PATCHv2] virsh: improve help text where integers are expected

On 10/25/2010 05:51 PM, Stefan Berger wrote:
case VSH_OT_INT:
- snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), _("--%s<number>"), opt->name);
+ snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf),
+ (opt->flag& VSH_OFLAG_REQ) ? _("[--%s]<number>")
+ : _("--%s<number>"), opt->name);
Looks to me like the first string (VSH_OFLAG_REQ set) should not have
the [--%s] and the second one should have it, no?

It was correct as-is. When you use VSH_OFLAG_REQ, then the option must appear, so the parser is generous and lets you omit the --option prefix. For example, with setvcpus, you can do:

virsh setvcpus dom 1

instead of

virsh setvcpus --domain dom --count 1

so the help text shows up as:

    setvcpus <domain> <count> [--maximum] [--config] [--live]
    [--domain] <string>  domain name, id or uuid
    [--count] <number>  number of virtual CPUs

On the other hand, with memtune, the VSH_OFLAG_REQ is not set, so the parser cannot tell which option the argument appear with unless the option name is also present. Thus:

memtune dom 1024

is an error, and you have to do:

memtune dome --hard_limit 1024

(hmm; from a cli perspective, it's better to name options with - than _; I'll propose a followup patch to name it hard-limit).

The help for memtune is also correct:

memtune <domain> [--hard_limit <number>] [--soft_limit <number>] [--swap_hard_limit <number>] [--min_guarantee <number>]
    [--domain] <string>  domain name, id or uuid
    --hard_limit <number>  Max memory in kilobytes

+ /* OT_STRING should never be VSH_OFLAG_REQ */
snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), _("--%s<string>"), opt->name);


Thanks; pushed.

Eric Blake   eblake redhat com    +1-801-349-2682
Libvirt virtualization library http://libvirt.org

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