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Re: [libvirt] Libvirt.org "Docs" page (top level)

On 10/27/2010 09:28 AM, Justin Clift wrote:
On 10/27/2010 03:21 AM, Eric Blake wrote:
The completely empty page content though, kind of looks "wrong", so
I'm thinking we should fit it with something.

Initial thought is to have an autogenerated list of all the docs pages,
expanded out.  Pretty much a table of contents kind of thing.

Seems like a good start.

Also thinking it would make sense to have a downloadable "docs" bundle.

Effectively just the generated HTML docs in it's own tarball, and maybe
the same thing for the generated Devhelp API docs.

Ah, that will be good. :-)

But open to suggestions too if someone has better ideas? :)

Maybe also a plea for community contributions, including a listing of
how to submit documentation patches.

Cool, it will be helpful, actually I just wanted to ask Justin last night how to contribute to the wiki, editing directly on the wiki or?

By the way, will it be good to move http://libvirt.org/apps.html to
top level? so that it's easy to see.

Just noticed that someone asked who are using libvirt several days before in IRC(oftc), Actually it also took me some time to find it out.. :-)

And in the wiki page, saw few applications listed there, will it be good to move them to apps.html instead? and actually think there
are much more applications using libvirt than current listed ones..

BTW: I'm using diffrent mail client now, if the mail thread is still
broken by my mail, please tell me, thanks :-)

- Osier

Good thinking. :)

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