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[libvirt] Xen: Stream-API or XML-RPC or XenAPI for managedSave, snapshots


for our project I need libvirts "managed save" functionality for Xen-3.4. In 
my implementation I tried to use Xens 'suspend' and 'resume', which would 
nicely match, but these two functions are not available throu the legacy 
streaming API (xend-http-server, xend-unix-server), which libvirt seems to 
still use. They are available throu the XML-RPC interface and the XenAPI 
interface, which libvirt doesn't seem to use.

Are there any plans to convert libvirt to use one of the newer interfaces?
My other option would be to either implement another subdriver for 
xenUnified*, which would implement domainManagedSave(), 
domainHasManagedSaveImage() and domainManagedSaveRemove() using XML-RPC (or 
XenAPI), or to implement suspend() and resume() in Xend.

I also will need to look at snapshots next: Has someone already investigated 
adding snapshot support to Xen(-3.4)?

Philipp Hahn
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