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Re: [libvirt] Question, how to use virDomainQemuMonitorCommand()

On 09/07/10 - 04:08:13PM, Lai Jiangshan wrote:
> Hi, Chris,
> I saw virDomainQemuMonitorCommand() in libvirt-qemu.c,
> I think it will help me to send arbitrary qemu-monitor command to
> qemu via libvirtd.
> But how can I use virDomainQemuMonitorCommand()?
> Can I use it by just using current tools(virsh or other) without writing any code?

Unfortunately, no.  There is a bug in the current virsh command that prevents
it from properly parsing the command-lines necessary to send monitor commands
to the qemu monitor.  Until we fix that bug, we won't push the support into

For that reason you will need to write a custom program to call
virDomainQemuMonitorCommand as appropriate.  The absolute easiest program you
can write looks something like (untested):

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <libvirt/libvirt.h>

int main()
	virConnectPtr conn;
	virDomainPtr dom;
	char *reply;

	conn = virConnectOpen(NULL);
	dom = virDomainLookupByName(conn, "mydomain");

	virDomainQemuMonitorCommand(dom, "info cpus", &reply, 0);
	fprintf(stderr, "Reply: %s\n", reply);

	return 0;

Chris Lalancette

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