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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 0/3] test cases for spoofing prevention

On Fri, 2010-09-10 at 10:45 +0100, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
> Thanks, this one worked fine for me. I've committed your patches to
> the GIT repository, and added a couple of follow on changes. I made
> it use virtio instead of scsi for the disk, since RHEL6 doesn't ship
> with SCSI enabled. I also use mkisofs to put the kickstart file into
> a tiny ISO image and then boot with ks=cdrom:/ks.cfg so we can avoid
> needing a web service in the host to provision it. I also changed the
> filter name from 'no-spoofing' to 'clean-traffic' since libvirt does
> not have any 'no-spoofing' filter by default & IIUC 'clean-traffic'
> should be suitable for your tests.

Sounds good and I will give it a try ...

In the meantime, I think your spec(.PL) file misses something like the

diff --git a/perl-Sys-Virt-TCK.spec.PL b/perl-Sys-Virt-TCK.spec.PL
index aaca325..ecc979c 100644
--- a/perl-Sys-Virt-TCK.spec.PL
+++ b/perl-Sys-Virt-TCK.spec.PL
@@ -118,6 +118,7 @@ rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT
 %dir %{_localstatedir}/cache/libvirt-tck
 * Fri Mar 24 2006  <berrange redhat com> - 0.0.1-1

Best regards, 

Gerhard Stenzel, 
IBM Deutschland Research & Development GmbH
Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats: Martin Jetter
Geschäftsführung: Dirk Wittkopp
Sitz der Gesellschaft: Böblingen
Registergericht: Amtsgericht Stuttgart, HRB 243294

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