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[libvirt] RFC [0/3]: A proposal for lock manager plugins

A few weeks back David introduce sync-manager as a means for protecting
against the same VM being started on multiple hosts:


This is obviously a desirable feature for libvirt, but we don't want to
have a hardcoded dependancy on a particular implementation. We can
achieve isolation between libvirt & sync-manager, allowing for alternative
implementations by specifying a formal plugin for supervisor processes.

What follows is my mockup of what a plugin API would look like, its
internal libvirt API and an outline of the usage scenarios in psuedo

At the minimum level of compliance, the plugin implementation provides
for per-VM level exclusion. Optionally a plugin can declare that it

 - supports locks against individual resources (disks)
 - supports hotplug of individual resources
 - supports migration of the supervised process

Migration/hotplug will be forbid if those capabilities aren't declared
by the plugin.

In parallel with David's work on sync-manager, I intend to write a simple
plugin implementation based solely on fcntl() locking. It is important 
that we have 2 independant implementations to prove the validity of the
plugin API. The fcntl() impl should provide a zero-config impl we can 
deploy out of the box that will provide protection against 2 vms using
the same disk image on a host, and limited protection in multi-host
scenarios with shared filesystems (no protection for shared block devs). 
Perhaps we should have a 3rd impl based on libdlm too, for Red Hat 
ClusterSuite  scenarios, though sync-manager may well be general &
simple enough to easily cope with this already.

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