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Re: [libvirt] Why is avahi-daemon being started?

On 09/08/2010 03:00 AM, Matthew Miller wrote:
On Tue, Sep 07, 2010 at 05:10:56PM +0100, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
libvirtd has never explicitly auto-started avahi. libvirtd uses the
avahi client library and gives it a callback to be invoked whenever
a connection to the avahi daemon is established. With the old init
system, if avahi wasn't started on boot, the callback isn't invoked
and so libvirt never registers its mdns service. The sysadmin can
start avahi at any time later, and libvirt will automatically
register with it. With system-d it sounds like creating the avahi
client will always immediately activate the avahi service. I think
there perhaps needs to be a way to prevent autostart by the avahi
client library

Can we get this in bugzilla?

What's the best wording for this, and which component should it be assigned to?

From reading the above, it kind of sounds like an interaction problem with "system-d", and sounds like other things may have similar interaction problems with it.


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