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[libvirt] [RFC PATCH] maint: update to latest gnulib

* .gnulib: Update to latest.
* bootstrap.conf (gnulib_modules): Add new termios module.
(gnulib_tool_option_extras): Make libtool usage explicit.
* src/util/util.c (includes): Gnulib now guarantees termios.h.
* bootstrap: Resync from gnulib.

On IRC, hallyn_ pointed out that libvirt doesn't build with the
latest gnulib.  This fixes that situation.  However, until
is fixed upstream, this patch points .gnulib at a commit that is
only in my repository; hence marking it as an RFC (I can't push this
until I rebase it to point .gnulib to a public commit that works).

 .gnulib         |    2 +-
 bootstrap       |   11 +++++++----
 bootstrap.conf  |    2 ++
 src/util/util.c |    4 +---
 4 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

* .gnulib 7ba06c8...d2a65f2 (174):
  > termios: relax license
  > threadlib: Allow the package to change the default to 'no'.
  > autoupdate
  > Fix endless loop in mbmemcasecoll.
  > Tests for module 'memcoll'.
  > memcoll, xmemcoll: Clarify size vs. length.
  > Tests for module 'memcasecmp'.
  > pthread: add to system <pthread.h> instead of replacing it all, for MacOS
  > net_if: enhance tests
  > Add ChangeLog entry for last commit.
  > Manual: improve out-of-memory documentation.
  > autoupdate
  > Add ChangeLog entry.
  > Use src/ not lib/ as root of source in example Makefile.am code.
  > Set cut_dir properly, and add mode line for Emacs.
  > Set cut_dir properly, and add mode line for Emacs.
  > Make Makefile.am example code more cut-and-paste friendly.
  > New module to test <net/if.h> interfaces.
  > pthread: add pthread_spin_destroy
  > gnulib-tool: Fix --help output.
  > maint.mk: avoid unexpanded \n in two diagnostics
  > netinet_in: Doc tweak.
  > init.sh: correct an outdated comment
  > init.sh: don't let an ephemeral "*.exe" make us skip all dir entries
  > mirbsd: add some more support
  > tests: fix unportable assumption on sys/wait.h
  > init.sh: accomodate directory with no .exes
  > tests: avoid compiler warning
  > fdutimens, fdutimensat: update signature, again
  > Take over the maintenance of some older macros from Autoconf.
  > fdutimensat: drop atflag validation
  > unlockpt: Fix declaration within GNULIB_POSIXCHECK.
  > login_tty: Fix detection of function on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD.
  > login_tty: Make the replacement code work on BSD systems.
  > login_tty: Stricter unit test.
  > New module 'tcgetsid'.
  > Tests for module 'termios'.
  > New module 'termios'.
  > fdutimensat: add an atflag parameter
  > Fix typos in comments.
  > Fix typo in last commit.
  > stdlib: clarify MirBSD WEXITSTATUS bug
  > stdlib: work around MirBSD WEXITSTATUS bug
  > docs: mention MacOS issue with WEXITSTATUS(constant)
  > strnlen: add tests
  > unistr/base: Avoid link errors when module 'libunistring' is also used.
  > test-rawmemchr: make more robust
  > memchr: detect glibc Alpha bug
  > fts, getcwd, glob: audit for dirfd returning -1
  > float: fix broken MirBSD header
  > fts: use O_NOFOLLOW to avoid race condition when opening a directory
  > fdopendir: preserve argument fd before returning
  > regex: Pass the system regex if its only problem is 32-bit regoff_t.
  > fts: don't operate on an invalid file descriptor after failed dup
  > savedir: add streamsavedir, deprecate fdsavedir
  > autoupdate
  > langinfo: Fix last commit.
  > relocatable-prog-wrapper: Fix compilation failure due to O_EXEC.
  > Improve NEWS entry.
  > * NEWS: Document recent changes to fcntl-h.
  > fcntl-h: define O_CLOEXEC and O_EXEC if not defined; use new defines
  > langinfo, nl_langinfo: Fix for IRIX 5.3.
  > pty, readutmp: Fix for FreeBSD 8.0 and OpenBSD 4.6.
  > strsignal: work around NetBSD bug
  > gnulib-tool: work with NetBSD /bin/sh
  > autoupdate
  > gnulib-tool: Avoid stderr output on IRIX related to 'alias', 'unalias'.
  > init.sh: penalize a set-x-impaired shell; don't disqualify it
  > unsetenv: fix OpenBSD bug
  > strtod: work around IRIX 6.5 bug
  > autoupdate
  > maint: fix ChangeLog ordering
  > getopt: optimize previous patch
  > init.sh: disqualify shells for which set -x corrupts stderr
  > gnulib-tool: Avoid stderr output on IRIX related to 'alias', 'unalias'.
  > Fix formatting of ChangeLog entry.
  > regex documentation update from Reuben Thomas <rrt sc3d org>, 20 Aug 2010 12:04:39 +0100
  > regex documentation update from Reuben Thomas <rrt sc3d org>, 20 Aug 2010 12:04:39 +0100
  > getopt: handle POSIXLY_CORRECT set but not exported
  > gnulib-tool: Highlight the changed options.
  > update from texinfo
  > doc tweaks
  > uniwidth/width: Update comment.
  > isinf, isnan: Relax license.
  > gnulib-tool: Help migration from --import to --add-import or --update.
  > Update doc about gnulib-tool.
  > gnulib-tool: Change --import. New options --add/remove-import.
  > Doc update.
  > gnulib-tool: Don't talk about CVS any more.
  > maint.mk: avoid obscure sc_copyright_check failure in coreutils
  > gnulib-tool: Fix expression that counts directories.
  > avoid coreutils "make distcheck" failure
  > gnulib-tool: Avoid error when run in a package without Makefile.am.
  > update-copyright test: Improve output when perl is missing or too old.
  > Don't augment PATH in TESTS_ENVIRONMENT.
  > tests: prohibit augmenting PATH via TESTS_ENVIRONMENT
  > strdup: Fix compilation error in C++ mode.
  > dirfd: Fix compilation error in C++ mode on MacOS X, *BSD, IRIX.
  > Set PATH_SEPARATOR the same way autoconf does.
  > Set PATH_SEPARATOR the same way autoconf does.
  > autoupdate
  > tests: init.sh improvements for re-exec'ing with zsh
  > hash: fix safe_hasher const typo
  > test-update-copyright.sh: require perl 5.8.0
  > wctype: fix typo in previous commit
  > test-update-copyright.sh: skip test if Perl is too old
  > wctype: Avoid compilation error on IRIX 6.5.30.
  > New module 'socketlib'.
  > fcntl-h, etc.: prefer O_SEARCH to O_RDONLY when applicable
  > autoupdate
  > New module 'host-cpu-c-abi'.
  > hash: factor, and guard against misbehaving hasher function
  > hash: silence spurious clang warning
  > strstr, memmem, strcasestr: avoid leaked shell message
  > tests: silence clang warning
  > gettext: Fix recent mistake.
  > selinux-h: Offer a --without-selinux option.
  > Make the module 'realloc-gnu' work again on AIX and OSF/1.
  > Make the module 'calloc-gnu' work again on AIX and OSF/1.
  > Make the module 'malloc-gnu' work again on AIX and OSF/1.
  > Update modules list.
  > realloc-gnu: Really add the module description.
  > Tests for module 'realloc-gnu'. * modules/realloc-gnu-tests: New file. * tests/test-realloc-gnu.c: New file.
  > Tests for module 'calloc-gnu'. * modules/calloc-gnu-tests: New file. * tests/test-calloc-gnu.c: New file.
  > Tests for module 'malloc-gnu'. * modules/malloc-gnu-tests: New file. * tests/test-malloc-gnu.c: New file.
  > Rename module 'realloc' -> 'realloc-gnu'.
  > Rename module 'calloc' -> 'calloc-gnu'.
  > Rename module 'malloc' -> 'malloc-gnu'.
  > pread, pwrite: add missing dependency
  > unistr/u*-strchr: Fix tests dependencies.
  > read-file: Don't occupy too much unused memory.
  > read-file: Avoid memory reallocations with regular files. * lib/read-file.c: Include <sys/stat.h>, <stdio.h>, <stdint.h>. (fread_file): With regular files, use the remaining length as the initial buffer size.  Check against overflow. * modules/read-file (Depends-on): Add ftello, malloc-posix, stdint, sys_stat.
  > autoupdate
  > ftello: Relax license.
  > Avoid relocwrapper link errors due to gnulib replacement functions.
  > Prefer using AC_DEFUN_ONCE over AC_DEFUN in projects with gnulib.
  > sys_socket, netdb: Ensure socklen_t gets defined.
  > * ChangeLog: fix typo
  > login_tty: add missing dependeny
  > lib-symbol-versions: fix m4 quoting
  > glob: fix compile test
  > btowc: fix missing file
  > lseek: fix link test
  > include_next: silence autoconf 2.68 warning
  > acl: fix compilation test
  > Modernize AC_TRY_RUN invocations.
  > Modernize AC_TRY_LINK invocations.
  > Modernize AC_TRY_COMPILE invocations.
  > stat-time: relax license LGPL
  > autoupdate
  > poll: return immediately on POLLHUP.
  > Fix test-unlinkat, test-rmdir failure on AIX 5.3.
  > stdbool: avoid spurious failure with modern xlc
  > getloadavg: simplify code
  > getloadavg: don't define SVR4 on cygwin
  > priv-set: fix comment
  > priv-set: fix comments
  > stdbool: avoid rejecting clang
  > argz: fix shell quoting issue
  > poll, select: handle ERROR_BROKEN_PIPE.
  > fts: allow compilation with C++
  > autoupdate
  > Fix gnulib-tool sed script de-commentation for AIX sed.
  > update from texinfo
  > autoupdate
  > test-stddef: test for (some) offsetof bugs
  > stpncpy: Allow stpncpy to be defined as a macro.
  > Rename module 'memxfrm' to 'amemxfrm'.
  > Tests for module 'astrxfrm'.
  > New module 'astrxfrm'.
  > Document not_eol.
  > Document not_eol and remove mention of regex.c.
  > Ignore one more generated index from makeinfo.
  > git-merge-changelog: add doc relating to use with bzr and hg.

diff --git a/.gnulib b/.gnulib
index 7ba06c8..d2a65f2 160000
--- a/.gnulib
+++ b/.gnulib
@@ -1 +1 @@
-Subproject commit 7ba06c8ff37d8725cb824c64b94be41b9294ffb7
+Subproject commit d2a65f2441f89114642a5dc9a775050839423dca
diff --git a/bootstrap b/bootstrap
index 2422549..5ab4cf7 100755
--- a/bootstrap
+++ b/bootstrap
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 #! /bin/sh
 # Print a version string.
-scriptversion=2010-05-17.18; # UTC
+scriptversion=2010-07-06.10; # UTC

 # Bootstrap this package from checked-out sources.

@@ -90,7 +90,8 @@ bootstrap_epilogue() { :; }
 # options because the latest/%s directory and the .po files within are
 # all symlinks.
-"rsync -Lrtvz 'translationproject.org::tp/latest/%s/' '%s'"
+"rsync --delete --exclude '*.s1' -Lrtvz \
+ 'translationproject.org::tp/latest/%s/' '%s'"

@@ -475,15 +476,17 @@ download_po_files() {
   eval "$cmd"

-# Download .po files to $po_dir/.reference and copy only the new
+# Mirror .po files to $po_dir/.reference and copy only the new
 # or modified ones into $po_dir.  Also update $po_dir/LINGUAS.
+# Note po files that exist locally only are left in $po_dir but will
+# not be included in LINGUAS and hence will not be distributed.
 update_po_files() {
   # Directory containing primary .po files.
   # Overwrite them only when we're sure a .po file is new.

-  # Download *.po files into this dir.
+  # Mirror *.po files into this dir.
   # Usually contains *.s1 checksum files.

diff --git a/bootstrap.conf b/bootstrap.conf
index 8a85b91..1f1d416 100644
--- a/bootstrap.conf
+++ b/bootstrap.conf
@@ -65,6 +65,7 @@ strsep
@@ -132,6 +133,7 @@ gnulib_mk=Makefile.am
+ --libtool\

 # Convince bootstrap to use multiple m4 directories.
diff --git a/src/util/util.c b/src/util/util.c
index b6b9712..586baee 100644
--- a/src/util/util.c
+++ b/src/util/util.c
@@ -43,9 +43,7 @@
 #include <string.h>
 #include <signal.h>
-# include <termios.h>
+#include <termios.h>
 #include "c-ctype.h"

 #ifdef HAVE_PATHS_H

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