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Re: [libvirt] Here they

Hi Jaromír,
It's right I haven't used your classes which envelops libvirt function, I have written my own wrapper which I use in my tool DAVIM. Anyway, thanks for the updated bindings I will take a look because I have taken theses sources there's four or five month, I'm working on DAVIM (my libvirt / KVM windows management tool) since 6 month ago so...
At the bindings levels here's what I manage to do :
  • Write bindings for some unbinded method (virStream... and so on)
  • Check the gap between current libvirt API and my C# bindings (my bindings were primarly build upon libvirt 0.7.4, but it works well with 0.8.4)
  • I have my own web site with my own SVN (the SVN is private currently) at www.Devatom.fr, maybe I will open SVN for bindings, I don't know
  • Write some sample code for using libivirt with csharp
What I will not do :
  • Check bindings compatibility with Mono (except if a mono expert can help me)
You Jaromir have made a great job which help me a lot in my project which is quite usable now.
Best regards,

Sent: Friday, September 24, 2010 3:11 PM
Subject: Re: Here they

Hi there,

Arnaud, where did you get latest source of my C# binding? Because my svn server doesn't work a couple of months, so maybe you used old one. I attached latest one in this mail.

I am so sorry that I discontinued work of my bindings for libivirt, but I discovered Ruby language and I felt love in it and I ported my web interface for libvirt - now is built on Chris's ruby-libvirt.

Arnaud I noticed that you didn't used my classes which "envelops" bare libvirt functions, am I right? Good work anyway, I'm glad that part of my job wont be lose :)


Jaromír Červenka
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Dne 24. září 2010 17:47 <arnaud champion devatom fr> napsal(a):
I'm very away from a licence expert :) but I think that should be similar to libvirt, so LGPL 2 or later seems good for me.

A lot of code comes from Jaromír, I have changed these things :
- improve pinning and marshaling of struct, methods for using with C# and windows libvirt binaries
- Add delegate to handle callbacks, this include pinnings  and marshaling also (I have to work little on the pinning/marshaling of the delegate virConnectAuthCallback, because it seems that I have some trouble around packing structure virConnectCredential)

I have also added some XML auto documentation descriptors.

From: "Daniel Veillard" <veillard redhat com>
Sent: Friday, September 24, 2010 2:15 PM
To: <arnaud champion devatom fr>
Cc: "Jaromír Červenka" <cervajz cervajz com>
Subject: Re: Here they

On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 11:29:51AM +0200, arnaud champion devatom fr wrote:


As I have said, here are the libvirt C# bindings that I have modified. For info, I use them in a project (DAVIM) and they work find, I will make a doc to explain what is covered and what is not...

Let me know if you have any question.

 yes at least two:

 - what is the Licence for the code in that ZIP ? I would assume
  LGPL version 2 or later, to be similar to libvirt itself
 - how much of that code is coming from Jaromír ?

thanks !

PS : Sorry for my poor english. FYI, DAVIM, is a tool to create / manage Libvirt/KVM it is free to download at www.Devatom.fr the tol is in english or french but the website is in french only. Let me know if you want I send you the tool if you want to test it.

Pas de probleme !
A priori je n'ai pas de C# ni de machine Windows donc pas tres utile
pour moi, mais merci ...


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