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[libvirt] ESX network functionality

I've added code to the ESX driver to support some basic network functionality. I'm pretty new to this list, so please tell me how to proceed with code review and patch submission (yes I've read the contributor guidelines on the wiki). It seems like people are emailing a patch file for every file they've changed, each in separate emails with [1 of N] in the subject, is that right? Or is it better to paste in code, get some feedback, and eventually attach the patch to the bug tracker item?

I've updated the code for the ESX driver to be able to handle the following functions :

- virNetworkLookupByName
- virConnectNumOfDefinedNetworks
- virConnectNumOfNetworks
- virConnectListNetworks

I basically mapped the VMware Managed Object Reference for networks into a few data structures and added the following functions to the internal driver API:

- esxNumOfNetworks
- esxListNetworks
- esxNumOfDefinedNetworks
- esxNetworkLookupByName
- esxVI_LookupNetworkList
- esxVI_LookupNetworkByName

These functions were modeled after existing functions from the domain and storage libraries. The following files were touched:

- esx_network_driver.c
- esx_vi.c
- esx_vi.h
- esx_vi_generator.input



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