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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] - added mapping to Network object - added implementation of select networking functions - virsh net-list and net-info commands now work for esx

On 04/12/2011 08:13 AM, jbarkley wrote:
From: jbarkely<jbarkley willo (none)>

James and Mathias:

Have you taken a look yet at my proposal to expand the usage of the network XML?


I'm wondering if you hit any limitations while trying to make ESX's view of networks match libvirt's view, and if I could do anything in the code I'll be writing to make the two fit together better (note, for example, that in the new model, you can specify a normal host bridge device, to be used for connecting a guest "directly" to the physical network, and likely we'll add other types, such as the 'openvswitch' type I suggested in (so far the only) followup).

My own last experience with the VMWare network model was when using VMWare Workstation over 2 years ago, but I recall that for them bridge vs. NAT vs. routed was a 3 way switch at one level, rather than having bridging setup off in the Balkans, as is currently the case with libvirt+KVM/Xen ;-) Also, danpb mentioned yesterday that this expansion of libvirt's network model may bring it closer to VMWare's.

I will be adding in this code "very soon" (within the next month) so it may be reasonable for you to put yours on top of mine, rather than putting in something now, then re-working it later (which could cause pain if we had to forever support some "interim" config model that we later decided to change).

Please have a look at my mail and rip it apart. Let me know if there's anything in there that won't work for you, and if there may be something else you'd like added.

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