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[libvirt] [PATCH 00/16] Implement migration v3 protocol

This is an major update to


In this update

 - Bug fixes from previous review
 - Remove assert() usage
 - Introduce SPICE graphics relocation
 - Refactoring of peer2peer & tunnelled migration code
 - Support for v3 migration with p2p & tunnelled migration
 - A (broken) attempt to make job signal/status updates work
   with tunnelled migration

The latter item seemed to be working fine, but I've since
found that it can cause QEMU to deadlock. While we're sending
QEMU a montor command to update status, QEMU may be trying to
write some migration data and it often blocks on write() to
the migration socket. This could be a bug with us not giving
it a non-blocking socket, or it could be a QEMU limitation.
To be investigated....

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