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[libvirt] Entering devel freeze tomorrow

  Well I initially suggested to enter freeze the last week-end but
I had a serious backlog and let a few day pass. What I suggest is
enter freeze tomorrow morning (my time, i.e. very early) at which point
I will make a first candidate release tarball for testing. Then the
target for the actually release might be Wed 4 or Thu 5 depending on
how things turns out.

  If there is patches for new features that people want in but didn't
get the ACK, please raise them again quickly today so we can try to
review them and push in time for 0.9.1, otherwise, that will be
0.9.2 in a month,

  thanks !


Daniel Veillard      | libxml Gnome XML XSLT toolkit  http://xmlsoft.org/
daniel veillard com  | Rpmfind RPM search engine http://rpmfind.net/
http://veillard.com/ | virtualization library  http://libvirt.org/

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