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Re: [libvirt] Libvirt and IPSec (was: What about Trusted Virtual Domains???)

Hi to everyone!

Sorry for the latency of the response but me and my team we are noticed
that the TVD argument can not be treated only with a few lines in some
mails. In order to avoid any possible misunderstanding, we decided to
produce a little report (just four pages with images) that describes our
project. Technical details are not treated in the report. You can
download the report by using the link


Our idea is to start the discussion about Libvirt TVD implementation
using as starting point the report.

As already mentioned in previous mail, we think that the first step for
the implementation of the TVD is to make possible the 'tunnel' modeling
in Libvirt.

Considering the report, what do you think about our tunnel modeling
idea? It's right or some changes are needed?

Thanks for the patience and (in advance) for the replies... ;-)

Department of Control and Computer Engineering
Polytechnic University of Turin
Email: paolo smiraglia polito it

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