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Re: [libvirt] problem with outbound limiting

small correction
it is not mbps ,it is MBps

On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 12:06 PM, Upendra Moturi <upendra m hexagrid com> wrote:

I am using 0.9.4 version of libvirt and want to limit bandwidth.
I installed libvirt on ubuntu 11.04 using libvirt source.

For this i am using the QOS configuration

<interface type='network'>
<source network='default'/>
<target dev='vnet0'/>
<inbound average='1000' peak='5000' burst='1024'/>
<outbound average='128' peak='256' burst='256'/>


Here the inbound limit is working properly but the outbound is limiting but not with values which is give

Here are the scenarios i tested and the results

when i gave average as 2048 --- it is limiting with 600 -- 700 kb

average                           result
2048   (2mpbs)                  600-700 kb
4096   (4mbps)                  1 MB/s
10240 (10mbps)                2-3 MB/s
12288 (12 mbps)               3-4 MB/s
20480 (20 mbps)               16-18 MB/s

Is this the expected behavior or some thing is missing
If this is the expected behavior ,then in what ratio it is limiting.

Please help me
Thanks in advance.

Thanks and Regards,

Thanks and Regards,

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