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Re: [libvirt] Bug - libvirt persists on having dnsmasq

On 08/14/2011 10:49 AM, Zdenek Styblik wrote:
On 08/14/11 16:17, Zdenek Styblik wrote:

I've noticed libvirt is persisting to have dnsmasq present and use it.
Version of libvirt in question is 0.9.4.

There is no dnsmasq present on the Host during libvirt compilation, yet
it seems to me ./configure wrongfully finds one:

~~~ SNIP ~~~
configure:46087: checking for dnsmasq
configure:46119: result: dnsmasq
~~~ SNIP ~~~

shouldn't there be "result: no"? As far as I remember - no dnsmasq
present during compilation, no usage of it later. However I might have
missed something - change in behavior, requirements etc. This is
possible. Still, if required "component" is missing, I say compilation
resp. configure should fail.

Well, libvirt.spec has had Require: dnsmasq for at least a couple years, so any install of a libvirt rpm should fail when dnsmasq isn't present. I don't know for certain how long the BuildRequires: dnsmasq has been there, but certainly for at least a year (the last time the line was modified), so any rpm builds should also fail.

But of course if you're running ./autogen.sh and then make, that doesn't involve the specfile.

dnsmasq really is an integral part of the network driver; I don't know that it makes any sense to "fix" things so it can be built without dnsmasq. It's probably a good idea to make the failure complete though.

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