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Re: [libvirt] USB2 controllers & domain XML

于 2011年08月19日 11:32, Osier Yang 写道:
于 2011年08月18日 23:18, Marc-André Lureau 写道:

I have started looking at: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=725670

My initial thought was to just add a new type of controller:

<controller type='usb2' index='0'/>

But it also needs the 3 companion UHCI controllers (see bug). We can
either include them implicitely (not really elegant in libvirt, but
doable), or with more flexibility list all the controllers in the XML:

<controller type='ich9-usb-ehci1' index='0'/>
<controller type='ich9-usb-uhci1' index='0' masterbus='0' firstport='0'>
<controller type='ich9-usb-uhci2' index='0' masterbus='0' firstport='2'>
<controller type='ich9-usb-uhci3' index='0' masterbus='0' firstport='4'>

Any other idea?
Daniel, have you also started working on USB2&  usb-redir support?

I started to do the work, but then quited to do other work. And I
just started to do the work again from yesterday.


I just worked out the XML nodes, and a bit codes to parse the XML,
I'm fine to quit if you went further than me.


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