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Re: [libvirt] Libvirt 0.9.4rc2 + qemu 0.15 VNC/TLS not working

Dne 24.8.2011 13:55, Daniel P. Berrange napsal(a):
On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 08:50:35PM +0200, Radek Hladik wrote:
Dne 23.8.2011 14:36, Radek Hladik napsal(a):
I am thinking whether there is not a problem with monitor setting
something after the machine starts. Libvirt does the same with password,
so maybe it does something with TLS

I tried to remove the VNC password from guest XML and TLS is
working. So actually now the situation is like this:

* guest with password+qemu configured to use TLS = no TLS (VNC AUTH  TYPE=2)

* guest without password+qemu configured to use TLS = working TLS

I hope it will help to make my issue more clear. I am really
suspecting that the password setup somehow removes the TLS option
from VNC.

Yes, QEMU applied a broken fix for CVE-2011-0011 which means whenever
you set a password, they reset auth type to 'VNC' (type=2).



Thanks for your answer.
I tried to comment out
vs->auth = VNC_AUTH_VNC;
inspired by your patch (the whole patch did not work with my version of qemu ) and it fixed the issue. I will check how the situation will evolve, whether qemu developers will fix it or not.


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