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[libvirt] [PATCH 0/3 TCK] Some tests for snapshot management

All these tests fail with current GIT, but are intended to work
with Eric's snapshot series applied.

The first test in this list, however, does not pass.

Eric's current tree forbids calling 'Destroy' on a transient
guest which has snapshots present. IMHO this is wrong, because
the guest may itself exit at any time, which leaves us in the
same state as is 'Destroy' had been called wrt snapshots.

IMHO, we should be allowed to call 'virDomainDestroy' on a
transient guest with snapshots, and then later 'virDomainCreateXML'
to re-create the guest and still have access to the snapshots

In other words, just because a transient guest is not currently
present, does not mean we should forget about its snapshots as
a management app can re-create it again at any time.

Forbidding virDomainUndefine with snapshots is more reasonable,
but I think its still possible to argue that it should be allowed
and that a later virDomainDefine with the same name+uuid should
resurrect any previous snapshots.

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