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[libvirt] [RFC v5 PATCH 0/5] PowerPC : Extend Libvirt for PowerPC architecture

Libvirt continues to be the key interface to configure and manage the
KVM guest instances on x86.  This patch set is an effort to enable
libvirt to support KVM guest configuration and management on Power Book3S

Based on community discussion around the earlier version, this patch
series augments the present 'kvm' driver to support PowerPC-KVM based
guests. With the CPU driver for PowerPC already merged, this patch series
adds on clean-ups, and some test cases as suggested.

This series mostly focuses on cleanup and addition of testcases for base-
powerpc patches. The patches for enabling spapr-vio based addressing would
be sent out shortly, with the right domain schema additions.

Series description:
Patch 1/5 : Use sysfs to decipher cpu topology information.
Patch 2/5 : Modify the tests/nodeinfotest.c to use sysfs in addition to
Patch 3/5 : Add support for ppc64 qemu
Patch 4/5 : Clean up qemuBuildCommandLine to remove x86-specific assumptions.
Patch 5/5 : Add ppc64 specific definitions to domain.rng

** v1->v2 :
* Patches 1,2,3 unchanged ; The hacks in Patch 4 of v1 replaced by a
  new patch to neatly select arch-specific features.

** v2->v3 :
* Patches 1,2,3 have minor cleanups ; Patch 4 no longer has an
  arch-specific handler routine. It is now replaced by a much simpler
  patch that merely removes x86/pc-specific assumptions from libvirt.
  Patch 5 is a new addition from Michael Ellerman that adds a new 
  device-tree based addressing mechanism for the 'pseries' guest.

** v3->v4 :
* Patch 1 has minor cleanups, 
  Patch 2 is a new addition that introduces test cases for patch 1.
  Patch 3,4 also have minor cleanups
  Patch 5 is a new addition, it contains ppc64 specific definitions
  to domain.rng

** v4->v5 :
* Patch 1 fixes some issues that were causing testcase (patch 2) to fail.
  Patch 2 has minor cleanups.
  Patch 3 unchanged.
  Patch 4 has a whitespace cleanup.
  Patch 5 is a subset of the original patch, it contains ppc64 specific
  additions to domain.rng
Prerna Saxena

Linux Technology Centre,
IBM Systems and Technology Lab,
Bangalore, India

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