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Re: [libvirt] draft ~ l10n/i18n

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v2 after some feedback from people of Fedora Project.

On 01/28/11 20:10, Zdenek Styblik wrote:

~~~ DRAFTv2 ~~~
# How-to libvirt l10n/i18n

We are glad you've decided to help with
localization/internationalization of libvirt. Before you do anything
else, stop!

Please, pay attention to following lines to save yourself from eventual

'.po' files located in this directory are synchronized from Fedora
Project[https://translate.fedoraproject.org/projects/p/libvirt/], thus
it makes little sense to start translating them.
Here are two ways how you can translate and contribute:

## Optimal way

1st step: Become translator

  It's pointless to copy-paste how-to from Fedora Project.
  How to become translator is described here -


  This might take some time not only to read, but to get processed.

  In a short:
  * register with Fedora Project
  * create page about yourself and introduce yourself around
  * ask to be a translator
  * and you should be done

2nd step: Download '.po' file

  '.po' file can be downloaded at

3rd step: Translate

   See translator's tools section.

4th step: Upload translated file

  !!! This point is still a mystery !!!
  Upload modified file via web interface.

## Alternate way

If for some reason you don't want to or can't register at Fedora
Project, you still can translate and contribute to libvirt.

1st step: Get '.po' file

  Download '.po' file from
https://translate.fedoraproject.org/projects/p/libvirt/ with language
you're going to translate to.
  Make a backup copy of it

2nd step: Translate

  See translator's tools section.

3rd step: Make a diff

  Make a % diff; of the original file and the one you've translated.

  eg. % diff -urN lang.po.org lang.po > lang.po.patch;

  Send patch file back to mailing-list and somebody from the team
  is going to push it at Fedora Project.

  Why diff? Because it's easier to validate the work you've done,
  solve eventual conflicts etc.

However, this approach has its downsides. First is it brings more
workload to libvirt team, second is '.po' file can change in the
meantime, because you are not able to "lock it" while you're working at
translations. Also, be prepared for rejection doing things this way.

## Translator's tools

  * KAider KDE4 ~ seems to be dead
  * gtranslator ~ http://projects.gnome.org/gtranslator/
  * poedit ~ http://www.poedit.net/

In case '.po' file in upstream got changed and you need to sync your
current work with upstream, you can try your luck with tool written in
Perl > http://www.zeratul.org/git/?p=scripts/perl/po-sync/.git;a=summary

~~~ DRAFT ~~~


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