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Re: [libvirt] fork of php-libvirt

On 02/07/2011 11:16 AM, Justin Clift wrote:
On 01/02/2011, at 12:19 AM, Michal Novotny wrote:
in fact I did a fork of PHP libvirt and I informed Radek as well, my fork can be found on github at my profile page:


Also, sorry for having the root in some commits but I used wrong user-name with git unset to merge it. I've been testing it in my spare time on Fedora 14 and php-5.3.4-1.fc14.1.i686 .
On 01/27/2011 03:05 AM, Lyre wrote:
Hi all:

I've added the documentation for the new APIs several days ago, but I've been busy these days and forget to inform Radek.

So Radek, you may need to rebuild the documents.
Hey guys,

What's the best way of working with this from the libvirt project point of view?

Should we update the php-libvirt URL to point somewhere new, or should we add new entries, or ?

(bearing in mind, it's better to have stable URL's where possible.  The URL's on the libvirt website get frozen into each release tarball)

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift
Hi Justin,
I have no objections against this but I'm not in the libvirt team and I'd like to contribute to this one at least in my spare time. Also, I'm CCing Radek too since he was/is working on the project as well so he deserves to know this and have a word there as well. However we've been writing several e-mail with Radek using the private e-mail about PHP libvirt project and I guess he'd be glad for anybody managing the php-libvirt project since he was participating in the project only because of need to add some features that were not supported there yet.

I also switched the project to use autotools like I'm having on my github account (the patch has been sent to Radek but I don't know whether it's merged to his tree already but I know it was not at the time I created my github account) and it was working fine for me so I'm responsible for this and if anybody have issues with autotools stuff there and new features I have implemented (can be checked using commit log there on my github but please note that I accidentally wrote some parts as root so commits from root are my commits as well) feel free to contact me using this e-mail (preferable way although I'm daily checking my personal e-mail as well so you can pick one you need).


Michal Novotny<minovotn redhat com>, RHCE
Virtualization Team (xen userspace), Red Hat

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