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Re: [libvirt] draft ~ l10n/i18n


On 02/07/2011 11:59 AM, Justin Clift wrote:

comments are great, still - why haven't you implemented all of them then? :)

Shouldn't be README/page created at this point, or not until "upload" thing is cleared out?

Anyway, I'm going to merge these later on, still I don't know where-to except sending v3 to the list. So any of you better think of more comments, before we get at "spam" level with this drafting ... and before I do send another version :)

4th step: Upload translated file

  !!! This point is still a mystery !!!
  Upload modified file via web interface.

Same here.  We need advice from someone who's done it. :)

Well, I'm a bit surprised no one from this list has experience with this one.

From FP how-to:
~~~ SNIP ~~~
Use the up-arrow icon labeled Send a translation for po/ja.po in the option area of each project, and click the browse button to locate your translated file.
Click the Send button to commit your translated file.
Interface displays the message File submitted successfully. If you receive an error or some other message, please post it to the Fedora Localization Project mailing list so it can be addressed.
~~~ SNIP ~~~

So, I would assume "upload via web interface" is valid, and I would avoid exact description how, since web interface can change and it's in how-to.


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