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Re: [libvirt] [libvirt-php 2/2] Fix compilation warnings

On Wed, Feb 09, 2011 at 02:11:40PM +0100, Michal Novotny wrote:
> Hi,
> this is the patch to fix the compilation warnings like:
> libvirt.c: In function ‘zif_libvirt_node_get_info’:
> libvirt.c:613:2: warning: passing argument 4 of ‘add_assoc_string_ex’ makes pointer from integer without a cast
> /usr/include/php/Zend/zend_API.h:360:45: note: expected ‘char *’ but argument is of type ‘long int’
> libvirt.c: In function ‘zif_libvirt_domain_get_name’:
> libvirt.c:1081:6: warning: assignment discards qualifiers from pointer target type
> With this patch applied I was unable to see any warning to the number warnings
> dropped to zero on my Fedora-14 box.

  Cool, thanks !
I'm not sure I should ACK I guess you don't have to be too formal :-)


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