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Re: [libvirt] Currently in freeze for 0.8.8, rc2 available

2011/2/14 Zdenek Styblik <stybla turnovfree net>:
> Hash: SHA1
> On 02/14/11 05:22, Daniel Veillard wrote:
>>   Just a reminder that we are in feature freeze for 0.8.8,
>> I just uploaded a new candidate version:
>>   ftp://libvirt.org/libvirt/libvirt-0.8.8-rc2.tar.gz
>> it does fix the error messages I had on linux configure,
>> but I'm not sure the issues on Win32 and OS-X are all sorted
>> out yet, so please check.
>> Note that I didn't tried to update the localizations from the
>> fedora side yet so those tarballs may be a little off from that
>> perspective.
>>   thanks !
>> Daniel
> Hello,
> it seems there is a problem at Slackware64-13.1
> ~~~ SNIP ~~~
>  CCLD   libvirt_driver.la
>  CCLD   libvirt_driver_test.la
>  CCLD   libvirt_driver_remote.la
>  CCLD   libvirt_driver_openvz.la
>  CCLD   libvirt_driver_vmware.la
>  CCLD   libvirt_driver_vbox.la
>  CCLD   libvirt_driver_nwfilter.la
>  CCLD   libvirt_driver_security.la
> libtool: link: require no space between `-L' and `/usr/lib64'

Could you run make V=1 to get the full command line that produces this error?

Either libvirt itself or some other library (via pkg-config) injects a
'-L /usr/lib64' (instead of '-L/usr/lib64') into the LDFLAGS and
libtool doesn't like it.


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