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Re: [libvirt] Currently in freeze for 0.8.8, rc2 available

2011/2/14 Zdenek Styblik <stybla turnovfree net>:
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> On 02/14/11 18:15, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
> [...]
>> What does the following print
>>    # pcap-config --cflags --libs
>> If it includes a space, then pcap-config needs to be fixed
>> Regards,
>> Daniel
> # pcap-config --cflags --libs
> - -I /usr/include
> Z.

pcap-config (from libpcap 1.0.0) is pretty simple and doesn't accept
multiple arguments at once. On Ubuntu 10.04 it outputs the additional
space too.

$ pcap-config --libs
-L /usr/lib -lpcap

I can reproduce the problem here. I didn't notice it until now because
I didn't have libpcap-dev installed.

On Ubuntu 10.10 (libpcap 1.1.1) the pcap-config script is improved,
accepts multiple arguments and doesn't print the additional space (I
think, judging from the source code).

As pcap-config --cflags --libs seems to ignore the --libs argument I
guess that Slackware64-13.1 ships an older libpcap version. So this
problem is in libpcap's pcap-config script and not in libvirt.


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