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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH v3] storage: Allow to delete device mapper disk partition

于 2011年02月15日 10:02, Osier Yang 写道:
于 2011年02月15日 00:27, Eric Blake 写道:
On 02/12/2011 12:36 AM, Osier Yang wrote:
The name convention of device mapper disk is different, and 'parted'
can't be used to delete a device mapper disk partition. e.g.

Name Path

Error: Expecting a partition number.

This patch introduces 'dmsetup' to fix it.

@@ -1748,14 +1755,17 @@ if test "$with_storage_disk" = "yes" ||

- if test "$PARTED_FOUND" = "no" ; then
- if test "$with_storage_disk" = "yes" ; then
- AC_MSG_ERROR([We need parted for disk storage driver])
- else
- with_storage_disk=no
- fi
- else
- with_storage_disk=yes
+ if test "$with_storage_disk" = "yes"&&
+ test "$PARTED_FOUND:$DMSETUP_FOUND" != "yes:yes"; then
+ AC_MSG_ERROR([Need both parted and dmsetup for disk storage driver])
+ fi
+ if test "$with_storage_disk" = "check"; then
+ if test "$PARTED_FOUND:$DMSETUP_FOUND" != "yes:yes"; then
+ with_storage_disk=no
+ else
+ with_storage_disk=yes
+ fi

This configure logic looks much better; thanks for persisting.

ACK; however, since this changes configure.ac and shuffles some link
libraries around in Makefile.am, I'd feel more comfortable postponing
this until after 0.8.8 is released, so that we don't introduce any
unintended compile failures compared to the release candidate.

Ok, thanks for the revewing, I'm pushing it later than 0.8.8 is released.

As 0.8.8 is released, rebased and pushed.


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