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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 0/6 v3] Add blkio cgroup support

Dominik Klein wrote:
> Hi Gui,
> thanks for your reply.
>> Actually, this two series doesn't care how blkio cgroup works. They just provide
>> the ability to put Guest into given cgroup and tune the tunables.
>> Currently, You can only control the "blkio.weight" tunable. For examle, If you'd
>> like to give more I/O bandwidth to a given Guest, you can assign a bigger value
>> to "blkio.weight" by running blkiotune command.
> Okay, so then basically, if I understand the current state of the blkio
> controller correctly (see my original message), this is useless at this
> point.
> I don't mean to offend you in any case, I just wondered how you used (or
> intended to use) this, since I myself did not yet find a good way to
> actually limit a guests I/O hunger.

Hi Dominik,

Hmm.. "blkio.weight" is used to control the Minimal Maximal Bandwidth. If you'd like
to control Max bandwidth to let your guests become I/O hungery. "blkio.throttle.*"
should helps. But these tunables aren't supported by blkiotune for the time being.
I'm considering to implement them in the future.


> Regards
> Dominik

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