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Re: [libvirt] Driver ESX

Le 18. 02. 11 14:11, Matthias Bolte a écrit :
2011/2/18 Cédric Penas <cedric penas hesge ch>:

I am currently working on a project where I must develop a function to clone
domain for the driver ESX.
I immediately saw that the function cloneVM_Task () from VMware API was not
supported for standalone ESX.
Do you mean that the ESX driver doesn't use CloneVM_Task() or that the
ESX server returns an NotImplemented fault for a call to

I tried to use CloneVM_Task() but the ESX server returns the following error:

It seems that we should have "vCenter" to use this function.

Does anyone know the best way to still implement this function or a
workaround ?
Why is it not already implemented ?
It's not implemented in libvirt, because libvirt doesn't have a
virDomainClone() function, so there is no way for the ESX driver to
use CloneVM_Task().

The virt-clone tool uses several libvirt functions to perform a clone
operation. The basics steps are:

- get the domain XML description of the domain to clone
- determine the storage volumes to clone
- issue a virStorageVolCreateXMLFrom() for each storage volume to be cloned
- update the storage volume references in the domain XML description;
remove the uuid and mac addresses to get new ones
- define a new domain from the edited domain XML description

You should be able to implement a clone operation for ESX on top of
libvirt without the need to change libvirt.

Or try to use virt-clone for ESX. IIRC virt-clone currently doesn't
handle the VMware path format properly so it might need some tweaks.


Yes I know this is not implemented and that is what I would to do.

Now, I created a function virDomainClone () in Libvirt and I have implemented the function only for ESX driver. This function creates a new directory, copies the virtualdisk of the source domain in this new directory and creates the VM cloned from this virtualdisk.

Your proposal seems better but what is the difference ? Would you have a link to documentations about the XML description because I've never used it.

Sorry if my questions are stupids and thank you for your answers;)


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