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Re: [libvirt] [libvirt-php] About the inconsistency in libvirt-php

于 2011年02月21日 13:44, Lyre 写道:

On Mon, Feb 21, 2011 at 1:23 PM, Osier Yang <jyang redhat com
<mailto:jyang redhat com>> wrote:

    于 2011年02月21日 10:50, Lyre 写道:

        Hi all:

        I noticed that there's some inconsistent behaviors in
        libvirt-php, and
        wondering what's the best way to handle them.

        In libvirt-php:

        libvirt_list_domains() returns an array of all domain resource;
        libvirt_list_active_domains() returns an array of running domain
        libvirt_list_defined_domains() returns an array of defined
        domain names.


        libvirt_list_storagepools() returns an array of actived
        storagepool names.

        In my opinion, returning an array of names would be better when
        all kinds of objects.

        And the naming convenances, let's take domains as an example.

        libvirt-php provied
        libvirt_list_domains() for all domains, which has no corresponding
        function in libvirt.
        libvirt_list_active_domains() for running domains, corresponding to
        virConnectListDomains()  in libvirt.
        libvirt_list_defined_domains() for defined domains, corresponding to
        virConnectListDefinedDomains()  in libvirt.

        I believe it is fine. However, for defined objects, sometimes it
        term "defined" (libvirt_list_defined_domains),
        and sometimes use term "inactive"
        in contrast to "active". Which would be better?

    Not sure if I get the meaning correctly, and also not sure what
    the exact meaning of "active" and "inactive" are in libvirt-php,
    but I guess:

    "active" and "inactive" are about the domain state.

    "defined" is about if it the domain has persistent config file on disk.

    So, if guessing 1) is right:

    A "defined" domain can be in either of "active" and "inactive" state;
    And an "active" domain can be "defined" or "not defined", and it's
    the same for "inactive" domain.

    Any conflict?


What about the "actived" & "defined" in libvirt?

As far as I know, virConnectListDefinedDomains() will list domains which
isn't running and has persistent config file on disk

Ah, yes, it is, understand you now, but I'm surpised, as "defined" is
not related with if the domain is "active" or "inactive" indeed from
view of libvirt design indeed.

"defined" in libvirt-php should have same meaning with libvirt, since
the implementation of libvirt_list_defined_domains()
is just a wrapper of virConnectListDefinedDomains(),  and
libvirt_get_inactive_domain_count() is a wrapper of

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