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Re: [libvirt] [libvirt-php] About the inconsistency in libvirt-php

On 02/22/2011 05:12 AM, Lyre wrote:

     WARNING: In previous releases of libvirt-php, the function
              was returning the wrong kind of information.  It
    *should* have been showing all
              persistent domains, both active and inactive.  However
    it was instead showing
              just inactive domains.

Hi justin, Is there a way to list the "defined/persistent" domains in libvirt?
virConenctListDefinedDomains() doesn't behavior like that.

I'm really amazed, the behavior of "defined" in libvirt development guide seems to be equivalent to "inactive". But you guys told me there are different, it refer to the persistent domains.

From my understanding virConnectListActiveDomains() is listing all the active (running) domains and virConnectListDefinedDomains() is listing all the inactive domains that are defined since if we create a domain directly from XML, i.e. non-persistent, we have the domain in active domains list but it's not defined. Only inactive but defined domains are in the defined list AFAIK.

If we have 2 domains created *directly* from XML file, 3 persistent domains active and 4 domains inactive (but defined) we should be getting number 5 from virConnectListActiveDomains() since 2 + 3. For defined (inactive) domains we should be getting number for and total number should be 2 + 3 + 4 = 9 domains.


Michal Novotny<minovotn redhat com>, RHCE
Virtualization Team (xen userspace), Red Hat

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