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Re: [libvirt] questions about libvirtd and virsh


Am Freitag 25 Februar 2011 14:33:31 schrieb fengzi.gg:
> 1. Is libvirtd necessary when I use some tools(based on libvirt)
>     to control domains?

Yes, libvirt ist designed to (almost) always require a running libvirtd. Even 
when using session Qemu domains, one daemon gets forked for the running user.

> 2. It seems that virsh use remote driver to comunicate to libvirtd (the
> hypervisor is qemu), why doesn't it call libvirt directly?

libvirtd often runs as root to keep the required privileges to configure the 
network, start domains, mount storage pools, etc.

> 4. libvirtd has 7 threads, what are these threads doing?

I thinks they wait for work to arrive: 1 is accepting new connections, 1 runs 
the event loop and 5 (configurable) wait for work to be pushed to the 
internal work queue.

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