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Re: [libvirt] [libvirt-php 1/3] build: add error message

On 02/25/2011 05:15 PM, 李勇 wrote:
于 2011/2/25 22:42, Michal Novotny 写道:
On 02/25/2011 02:48 PM, Lyre wrote:
oops! Just one patch, the other two are commit and revert.

libvir-list mailing list
libvir-list redhat com
Please repost the whole patch series once you fix it.


Hi michal:

Just this patch, I don't know how to format-patch for a specified commit.

It's simple. You have to commit the patches to your repository and then you run `git format-patch -X -n` where -X is the number of patches to be formatted. Optional is `-n` argument is good when you do multipart patch (i.e. in more commits) since the subject ends up in "PATCH 0/2" instead of just "PATCH" for case you are formatting it for 2 last commits. It's very useful. Also, if you would like to have an e-mail describing functionality and similar you can include cover letter using `--cover-letter` argument passed to the git format-patch command.


If you would like to send 3 last local commits in the patches and include some information to them you would run `git format-patch -3 -n --cover-letter'. It will create:


Those files are separate commits which will result into separate e-mails. You should open 0000-cover-letter.patch using your favorite text file editor and include subject and message instead of **SUBJECT** and **BLURB** lines. When you're done with that you can send them using `git send-email 00* --to e-mail-address domain tld`

I've made 3 commits in git:

1.this one,
2.another commit
3.revert commit2, so is equal to commit1,is that right?

Yes, this way it's fine since it is commit 1 only but since it's not in the upstream repo yet you could reset it using the `git reset --hard HEAD^` after step 2 to revert the commit (commit 2) and send just the one patch to the list.

Hope this helps,

Michal Novotny<minovotn redhat com>, RHCE
Virtualization Team (xen userspace), Red Hat

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