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Re: [libvirt] virsh help keywords vs. command prefixes

On 04/01/2011, at 7:10 AM, Paul Jenner wrote:
> Hi all.
>> From a quick play with virsh from the 0.8.7 pre-release, as an end user
> I wonder if it may be more intuitive for the new help keywords to match
> the virsh command prefixes where they exist. For example "help nwfilter"
> would tell me about nwfilter- commands. Some keywords follow the prefix
> convention (nodedev, secret, snapshot, pool) but some do not (interface
> vs. iface-, filter vs nwfilter-, network vs. net-, volume vs. vol-).
> Minor observation and close to release but I thought I would send on
> feedback to see what people thought.

Yeah, that's not a bad idea.  Makes for easier mnemonics. :)

Stefan's idea to implement as an alias for the existing ones is probably the easiest
way to make it happen.  Stefan any inclination to create the patch?

Eric's suggestion sounds like it'd work too (and do so without conflict).  Patches? :)

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