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Re: [libvirt] announce mailing list

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On 01/04/11 20:08, Eric Blake wrote:
> I've seen some projects (at least zsh comes to mind) where mailing lists
> are nested - posting to the announce list can only be done by project
> managers, but that post is instantly received on all three lists; anyone
> can post to the users or devel list, but posts to the user list are
> automatically received on both user and devel list.  Therefore, a
> developer need only subscribe to the devel list to see the traffic from
> all three lists.
> Is that sort of setup worth doing with the three libvirt lists (that is,
> make libvirt-list subscribe to libvirt-announce and libvirt-users
> traffic, and make libvirt-users subscribe to libvirt-announce traffic)?


I think libvirt-announce should be still open for subscription;
read-only by everyone except, dunno, eg. project managers whom can post
announces; and libvirt-announce traffic to be redirected to libvirt-*. Why?
Because there might be people whom are not interested in -list nor
- -users, just announces eg. new version is out.
I thought that was original idea of this thing.
Oh yes, and take it as suggestion/seen somewhere else thing. Damn, I
have to work on my social skills/social side.

Have a nice day,

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