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Re: [libvirt] Release of libvirt-0.8.7

A bit of split as these are two topics.

On 01/05/2011 04:43 PM, Laine Stump wrote:
>> As for 'Downloads' page ~ since this is only package, I'm not sure if it
>> is worth of bother at all ;) Links(information) can be found in mailing
>> list archives(via search engines). Dunno.
> Searching sometimes leads to lots of useless junk that you have to sift
> through to find what you're looking for, and the source of any links is
> often (at least should be considered!) questionable. Putting a link on
> the Downloads page of the official project site gives it an extra bit of
> legitimacy that will give people a warm fuzzy feeling when they install
> :-) But of course, the link needs to always have something at its other
> end. So if those links are there to stay, then I'd say add them to the
> Downloads page for libvirt (assuming we can trust you to not put a
> trojan in the binary! :-)

Thank you for responding. I had second thoughts and I wanted to reply
(again to Justin), but forgot.

I also wanted to reply in the morning/during the day(both topics), but
work got into it and...

I agree on question ability, yet even links/packages/sources at some
page can't be trusted. But that's really philosophical talk.

What got into my mind is, downloads page resp. links and their updates
should depend upon community itself. I mean community around each
distro, of course. That means package maintainer or even users themselves.
Why should be reasonable enough. Because libvirt devs can't track N
distros for changes nor they should do so.

Here is blunt, straight and simple process. I had sentences before, but
this should be better to understand than my gibberish.

* new package is built
* package maintainer/user whom found out/whoever sends an e-mail to
libvirt list like: "Hey, new pkg version for
distro XYZ can be found at http://somewhere.tld/foo Could you, please,
update your page?"
* libvirt dev checks the link - probably
some repo browser/tracker - and updates the downloads page

And that should be it.

I think it could be possible to script some automatic tracking and
updating and what not, but - really? No.


Zdenek Styblik
Net/Linux admin
OS TurnovFree.net
email: stybla turnovfree net
jabber: stybla jabber turnovfree net

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