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Re: [libvirt] Release of libvirt-0.8.7

On Thu, 2011-01-06 at 17:00 -0700, Jim Fehlig wrote:
> Laine Stump wrote:

> > As far as I know, the SuSE port was actually complete at one time, and
> > was included in a released product (not sure what the product is),
> It hasn't been included in a product yet, but might be in upcoming
> openSUSE 11.4.
Right. As far as I know, it should be in opensuse 11.4. I haven't
heard otherwise. My plan was to upstream the patches but I got
sidetracked with some other projects.

My patches touch drv_initscripts.c, initscripts-get.xsl, and
initscripts-put.xsl. The xsl files are slightly different because
our ifcfg syntax is slightly different. I also have a couple new
augeas lenses that we need for our network configuration to work.
I'll try to apply it against head and send it out to the list soon.

How would you recommend handling the files above and the build
for different distros? Should they just be drv_suse.c,
initscripts-get-suse.xsl, and initscripts-put-suse.xsl and then
changed back during the build?

> > but I don't know where the source is (aside from earlier versions
> > posted to the list and available in the archives),
> It currently resides in network:utilities project in openSUSE Build Service
> https://build.opensuse.org/package/show?package=netcf&project=network%3Autilities
> > and the developers haven't had the resources available to clean it up
> > and submit it back to the upstream project.
> My only involvement was enabling netcf support in libvirt, so I can't
> say much about the work or any progress to upstream it.  I've cc'd
> Patrick - he was involved and perhaps could provide an update.
> Regards,
> Jim

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