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Re: [libvirt] Need a better word than "allocated" or "ascertained"

On 10/01/2011, at 7:55 PM, Balbir Singh wrote:
> enforced is same as policing or forcing, whether or not the
> application likes it. A soft limit is enforced when we hit resource
> contention (that is the operating system finds it has to do work to
> find free memory for applications), soft limits kick in and try to
> push down each cgroup to their soft limit.

Ok.  Balbir, what's a good "verbose" description for this parameter to the mem-tune command then?

Not looking for a terse 1 liner here, but instead a proper explanation and description of what the --soft-limit options does.

It will be used to replace the existing text for it in the Virsh Command Reference pages:


The options for other commands have been most copied from the virsh help commands output, but only because we needed to start with
something.  Doesn't mean we want to keep with the terse format. :)

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