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Re: [libvirt] Need a better word than "allocated" or "ascertained"

* Zdenek Styblik <stybla turnovfree net> [2011-01-10 14:08:43]:

> On 01/10/2011 09:55 AM, Balbir Singh wrote:
> > * Nikunj A. Dadhania <nikunj linux vnet ibm com> [2011-01-07 15:23:54]:
> [...]
> >>> Or what happens when memory reaches 'soft-limit'?
> > 
> > enforced is same as policing or forcing, whether or not the
> > application likes it. A soft limit is enforced when we hit resource
> > contention (that is the operating system finds it has to do work to
> > find free memory for applications), soft limits kick in and try to
> > push down each cgroup to their soft limit.
> > 
> Such explanation makes more sense to me rather than proposed sentence.
> However, there are some critical factors like a] my lack of knowledge on
> many libvirt(or virtualization in general) topics b] I'm not a native
> English speaker; which may or may not play a role.
> --- SNIP ---
> A soft limit is enforced when host is running short on free resources or
> during resource contention. Guest's resources are then pushed to
> soft-limit as an attempt to regain free resources.
> Limit is in kilobytes.
> Applies to QEMU and LXC only.
> --- SNIP ---

Good, well stated IMHO

> I don't know. This is like 10th version and wow, what a pile of
> non-sense I came with :[
> Guest memory won't be pushed bellow soft limit, because guest could go
> ape(OOMK/whatever) about it and we don't want that.
> Could it be understood as resource allocation/reservation like in eg.
> VMware ESX? But it might work differently in QEMU/LXC than in VMware.
> Anyway, this is probably off-topic here.
> I just would go for longer explanation rather than squeezing everything
> into 5 words, which seems to be impossible to me, or changing just one word.
> ~~~ non-relevant part ~~~
> Other things I've noticed at the page...
> I would change the table to:
> Name | Units | Required | Desc |
> --hard-limit <limit> | kB | optional | <some description>
> Or
> Name | Required | Desc |
> --hard-limit <limit> | optional | <some descrioption> limit is in kilobytes
> Also, I think it should be 'kB' not 'kb' which means 'kilobits'[1]. I
> don't want to bitch or anything like that. Please, take it very very
> easy. Although, it's explained in description kb is meant as kilobytes
> and it might be only me who is used on kb X kB thing. Dunno :\

I'd agree, conventions need to be properly followed.
> I would put eg. "QEMU and LXC only" at new line, but this might be
> unnecessary(= just a format issue). There also could be special column
> 'Applies to' and what not(at this point, I feel like I must be really
> bored to come up with such stuff; please apply "sftu" if necessary w/o
> hard feelings ;] ).
> There is also duplication of this info paragraph below in 'Platform or
> Hypervisor specific notes', thus if something changes it must be changed
> at two places.
> Links:
> ---
> [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KB
> Have a nice day,
> Zdenek
> -- 
> Zdenek Styblik
> Net/Linux admin
> OS TurnovFree.net
> email: stybla turnovfree net
> jabber: stybla jabber turnovfree net

	Three Cheers,

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