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[libvirt] [RFC] Explicit boot device ordering


I'm working on $SUBJ and I can't decide on XML representation of that. The
goal is to let users specify an ordered list of devices to boot from, e.g.,
2nd NIC, 1st NIC, 1st CD-ROM, 2nd IDE disk. We already have boot elements in
/domain/os so we could make use of them or we could add a boot element inside
device elements.

So for the first case, we could have something like
    <boot target='net1'/>
    <boot target='net0'/>
    <boot target='hdc'/>
    <boot target='hdb'/>

Where target attributes would match /domain/devices/*/target dev

For the second case, appropriate devices would contain <boot order='n'/>

Personally I like the first option more since it is very easy to change boot
order in that case and the whole boot list is co-located at a single place in
domain XML.

Do you feel the same or do you even have a better solution in your mind?


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