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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] Watchdog IB700 is not a PCI device (RHBZ#667091).

On 01/11/2011 06:37 AM, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> Skip IB700 when assigning PCI slots.
> Note: the I6300ESB watchdog _is_ a PCI device.
> To test this: I applied this patch to libvirt-0.8.3-2.fc14 (rebasing
> it slightly: qemu_command.c didn't exist in that version) and
> installed this on my machine, then tested that I could successfully
> add an ib700 watchdog device to a guest, start the guest, and the
> ib700 was available to the guest.  I also added an i6300esb (PCI)
> watchdog to another guest, and verified that libvirt assigned a PCI
> device to it, that the guest could be started, and that i6300esb was
> present in the guest.

>              goto error;
>      }
> -    /* A watchdog */
> +    /* A watchdog - skip IB700, it is not a PCI device */
>      if (def->watchdog &&
> +        def->watchdog->model != VIR_DOMAIN_WATCHDOG_MODEL_IB700 &&
>          def->watchdog->info.type == VIR_DOMAIN_DEVICE_ADDRESS_TYPE_NONE) {
>          if (qemuDomainPCIAddressSetNextAddr(addrs, &def->watchdog->info) < 0)


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