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Re: [libvirt] Docs team task: Update main docs.html page with index of all pages

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On 01/08/11 12:00, Justin Clift wrote:
> I'm thinking the very best thing you can do is get our "Docs" landing
> page under control for the main site:
>  http://libvirt.org/docs.html
> It's very blank, relying on people to realise that everything is accessible
> on the left hand menu bar instead. :(
> What it should contain is an index to all of the main documentation
> pieces, so people can click directly from there.
> Some sort of menu structure will be needed (up to you, try things out).

Right. I've been clicking through libvirt.org (= killing time) and ...
how about to make it ala 'site map'.

- --- SNIP ---
  Compiling ~ how-to compile libvirt; all you wanted to know about
libvirt compilation and installation
  Deployment ~ deploying libvirt into production enviroment
  Architecture ~ how's libvirt structured? API concepts? Right here!
  XML Format ~ how's data stored within libvirt
  Drivers ~ what is and what is not supported by libvirt
  API reference ~ any serious libvirt integrator should read this one
  Language bindings ~ how to bind libvirt with C/C++, PHP, Ruby and some
  Internals ~ how doest libvirt work under the hood
  Development guide ~ do you want to contribute to libvirt? Then this is
mandatory for you
  Virsh commands ~ virsh command reference not only for command line
- --- SNIP ---

+ add Justin's text how to contribute to documentation, although it
might be better to group such topic(dev'n contribution) at one place.
So, link to such place instead?

I know it's written very lightly and informal, jokingly, way. May be
even a bit annoying. Well, I've been just thinking. Actually, I came up
with these within minute(s).

But back to the point. I would go with very very simple. No romances, no
long texts. But perhaps I'm just simple person whom couldn't think of
better way.

Take it as my $0.02USD and I hope in better, and more creative, ideas
than this one. :)

> The way the website works, is that it's actually part of the libvirt
> code.  The "docs" directory in the source code is effectively the website.
> When people update the docs directory in the git repository, there's a
> cronjob on the libvirt.org server that rebuilds the live website.

Why not to include all of that at that page or ... somewhere, if not

Have a nice day,

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