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[libvirt] [PATCH 00/11] Integration of lock managers in QEMU driver (v2)

This is a second iteration of the patches from


Since the last posting quite alot of dev & testing has been done.

The main changes are:

 - There is now a <lease> element in the XML to allow locking
   against resources not otherwise in the XML
 - The 'sanlock' plugin implementation is now in-tree
 - The 'lock_driver.h' header is now longer publically installed.
   All lock manager impls must be in-tree. This prevents closed
   source plugins, and more importantly allows full integration
   of error reporting
 - Improved virCommand handshake to allow error message to be
   passed back to libvirtd

This version is now actually tested with sanlock and works for
initial VM startup at least, successfully preventing QEMU being
started more than once for a given config.

Still todo:

 - Merge this series with the huge RPC series
 - Wire up a fcntl based plugin
 - Integration with migration workflow

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