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Re: [libvirt] l10n/i18n ~ po files and their cycle

On 01/27/2011 06:40 AM, Daniel Veillard wrote:
>   It would be a shame to loose all that work, hum, I wonder how to
> best collect the patch in now ... some kind of git rebase would be needed
> I think.
> Daniel

As I was saying, I'm writing script to get my modifications in check
with .po file from fedoraproject. I don't think there is other way. And
it works in theory, but practice - it's just "leaking" somewhere and I
can't find out where and why. I end up with either less or more
translations than is required. And more I'm trying, the worse results I
get. *sigh*

It should simply work like:
* copy .po file from fedoraproject until ^msgid
* find the very same ^msgid in modified file
* copy msgstr from modified file to copy
* repeat

Now, I realized the problem - sort of. Oh well ... ok, if you come up
with better plan, I'm open to anything. Hell, by this time I could have
had it translated again :)


Zdenek Styblik
Net/Linux admin
OS TurnovFree.net
email: stybla turnovfree net
jabber: stybla jabber turnovfree net

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