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[libvirt] VMWare "independent disk" processing needed


On VMware ESX server it is possible for the virtual machine to add the "independent disk" - the kind of virtual disk that (among other features) is not being covered by the snapshot logic.

As I am working on some kind of backup solution I need to be able to backup the precise state of the guest virtual machine running on say VMware ESX server.

I am able to perform a backup of a guest machine description with libvirts's amazing API which covers most of my needs except the aforementioned "independent disk" virtual disk type. The problem shows up at the restore type when I need to create the new virtual machine having an .xml file created by "virsh dumpxml" command. In fact I use API but "virsh does the same". This .xml file covers most of guest machine's aspects but it doesn't reflect the "independent" nature of such disks. So the virtual machine is going to be restored incorrectly when includes "independent disks".

From the source codes of "libvirt"  ("/libvirt/src/vmx/vmx.*") I see that this is ment to be covered but yet is not implemented. Appropriate nodes must be stored in .xml file during the backup and returned back to .vmx file during the restore.

So here are my questions: Is someone on it at the moment ? If yes - can I help somehow ? If no - whom shell I approach in order to be mentored/directed if I decide to participate, implement this and contribute the patch back to the source code ?

Thanks for an answer in advance.

Best regards
Oleh Paliy

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