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[libvirt] Disk snapshot mode proposal: patch for storing the snapshot mode from .vmx to .xml


Few days ago I have proposed to implement the snapshot mode functionality for esx/vpx:
Mail subject: "[libvirt] VMWare "independent disk" processing needed"
Sent: "04.07.2011"
Sender: "computernews rambler ru"

What I meant is to allow "libvirt" to handle (see full .vmx attached) :
vmx: scsi0:1.mode = "independent-persistent"
vmx: scsi0:2.mode = "independent-nonpersistent"

As none has responded I decided to start implementing that myself.

By now I have the managed to implement the .vmx -> .xml part. According to "General tips for contributing patches" (http://libvirt.org/hacking.html#patches) I am sending the patch back to the community as early as it has sense as I still hope to contribute this feature to the community. It builds and has been functionally tested. I also tried my best to stick to coding conventions applied on the project. So I hope my patch will not take long time to analyze for someone experienced enough.

I saw someone already has started (put few comments about snapshot modes in src/vmx/vmx.c). So tried to undestand an original idea and keep up with it. I hope I was not wrong there.

I am willing to keep working in this direction. So if someone would be so kind to take a look at my efforts and provide a feedback - it would be very nice and, I hope, useful for the rest of the project.

Attached are:
1. patch itself
2. ".vmx" file I am testing on
3. ".xml" file produced by my changes

Looking forward to hear any feedback/criticism/advices. Thanks in advance.
Best regards
Oleh Paliy

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